Talent Management Package

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The Talent Management Package is designed for recruitment or developing talent within your organisation to give participants exposure to people and functions that they would not normally encounter.

The pack includes:

Breakthrough Thinking Workshop
Voyage Mapping

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Key Features

    Learning Focus
  • Effective Communication
  • Goal-setting & Monitoring
  • Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Resilience
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Group Size
  • Ideal: 2 - 30
  • Possible:
  • Duration
  • More than 1 Day plus review

Activity Overview

This package of tools was used in the design of a talent management and development event for a global logistics company. This programme was so successful that we decided to offer this combination of toolboxes to allow people to deliver a similar programme.

We were asked to design a two-day residential programme for a group of 9 young, high potential employees working for a global logistics company. This intervention was part of a long term Talent Program, to develop broad-ranging skills and give the employees exposure to people and functions that they would not normally encounter. The timing of the programme was to coincide with the Northern European Regional Board Meeting, at which senior leaders in the business would be present. During the programme, the participants would meet the Board for dinner and then make a presentation to the Board about a project that they have been working on for some time.

RSVP Design were asked to wrap a development programme around this significant event, to help the participants with their skills in personal presentation and impact and influence, especially when involved in the process of 'managing upwards'.

The programme design was built around three key experiential learning activities, as well as the experience of making the business presentation. Divided into 4 half day sessions, the programme was learner-centred and tackled issues of real concern to the participants.

Learning Objectives


  • • Set up and manage an effective communication system that everyone understands and can use efficiently.
  • • Develop a dialogue which will lead to a common understanding of abstract concepts.
  • • Deliver a successful solution to the problem they face.
  • • To consider how to improve both communication systems and the quality of the messages which those systems support.
  • • To practise effective listening and refine questioning skills.
  • • To develop flexibility in communication and changing and adapting language to meet the needs of the listeners.
  • • To understand how our communication is culturally specific and how to ensure that we are using shared references to achieve common meaning.

Breakthrough Thinking Workshop

  • • To understand the difference between creativity and innovation.
  • • To recognise the stages in an innovation process and the contributions that individuals make.
  • • To practise a range of creative thinking techniques to generate new ideas.
  • • To apply creative and innovative thinking principles to practical problem-solving.
  • • To understand and use questioning techniques in coaching for innovation.
  • • To use the techniques to work on real-life problems identified and selected by the group.


  • • The negotiation process and the specific stages needed to reach a resolution.
  • • How to develop skills in ‘building bonds’.
  • • How and when to make concessions.
  • • The power of individual interactions.
  • • How to resolve conflicts so that everyone achieves some of what they want.

Individual Voyage Mapping

  • • Review and share experience from completed projects, challenges and tasks
  • • Identify and clarify the learning that is available from those past experiences
  • •Use the improved understanding of the past experience to anticipate and prepare for future challenges






Activity Description

We use Colourblind to explore the basics of great communication, the need to achieve a common language and the differences in individual perspectives and points of view.

Rehearsing for the formal presentation, we worked on creating a 'story' to underpin the presentation, strong opening and closing statements, personal confidence and, perhaps most importantly, the need to be aware of the needs and interests of the audience. Using RSVP Design's Mystery Object activity from our Breakthrough Thinking Workshop enabled us to rehearse and refine skills that proved useful later.

A full morning was devoted to the learning from T-trade, a practical negotiation skills activity, that develops understanding of how to build and maintain relationships that will withstand negotiations, achieve individual goals and achieve mutually beneficial agreements.

The final part of the programme was a Q+A session, based around scenarios and situations that were of particular interest to the learners, before moving into individual development planning. Individual Voyage Mapping is then used to ask participants the problems they encountered and how they overcame them from one point in their career to another. This allows reflection and reviewing of the past, and how to apply themselves differently when planning for the future. 

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