Values Coaching Cards

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Values Coaching Cards aids as a core values exercise for determining personal, company, or organisational core values, and their importance.

The pack combines 260 words to guide individuals through what they consider to be their core values. A unique tool for professional consultants, coaches and trainers - or individuals - who work with VALUES.

For use in personal development, coaching, or team / group development, the cards have endless uses for deep conversations about what motivates behaviours and decisions

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Key Features

    Learning Focus
  • Action Planning
  • Decision Making
  • Effective Communication
  • Feedback
  • Improving Performance
  • Prioritisation
  • Group Size
  • Ideal: 2 - 6
  • Possible: 1 - 8
  • Duration
  • 30-60 Minutes plus review

Activity Overview

Values Coaching Cards, developed by Helen Harrison, uses over 260 words to describe different values which drives indivudal behaviour. 

Values are ideas about the worth or importance of people, concepts or things. They motivate behaviour and guide evaluations and decisions. 

If individuals know their core values it can help them appraise and make decisions, assuming they want their decisions to align with their values. The more aware an individual is of their values, the more likely they will make decisions which align with said values, particularly those which they value highly. This can lead to greater enjoyment and fulfilment, and increased work performance. 

The Values Coaching Cards acts as a guide to understand which values each individual holds highly, by grouping similar words on to each card. 

Learning Objectives

  • •  Importance of shared values
  • •  Understanding personal or company core value
  • •  Coaching
  • •  Understanding individual differences
  • •  Promoting discussion
  • •  Personal development
  • •  Understanding what motivates and can change behaviour

Activity Description

Activity Contents

52x Values Coaching Cards, 4x Game set up & introduction cards with 8 suggested exercises

Package Weight: 0.2kg

How to use the cards

Use the cards to stimulate individuals to consider Values in their career, relationships, personal development and many more areas. You can use the cards in a variety of ways, depending on what you want to achieve, the circumstances, and the participant(s). You may wish to use the cards in a way that suits yourself and the participants - we would love to hear how they are used! 

Example exercise

Ask the participant what their core values are in their work life, family & friends, personal development, and health. For each area, ask the participant to sort the cards with values which resonate most with them. Ask them to write the values down for each area. For each area with a larger number of values, ask them to find the most important values. The more important they are, the more they are likely to have an impact on behvaiour and feeling of well-being. These are likely to be their 'core values'. 


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