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Top Priority

Top Priority is a business simulation game, simulating a matrix structure to create a realistic organisational context.

An effective delegation group activity, where participants must complete and prioritise parallel tasks under a strict time frame, with limited resources. Leadership, change management and strategic thinking skills are essential for the group to complete the task as they’re attention and availability is in demand from more than one area. 

Contains our popular activities Webmaster, Sequencer, and Workstations, as well as other engaging resources. 

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Key Features

    Learning Focus
  • Change Management
  • Collaboration
  • Instruction & Delegation
  • Prioritisation
  • Resource Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Group Size
  • Ideal: 20 - 40
  • Possible:
  • Duration
  • 90 Minutes + plus review

Activity Overview

Top Priority reflects all those times and situations in the work place when demands for your attention and availability conflict. On these occasions you are forced to make decisions about how, where and when you can contribute most effectively and how to apply your effort most constructively in order to achieve organisational targets or goals.

In many organisations, prioritisation occurs haphazardly, as staff responds to urgent rather than important tasks or follows the lead of the person who shouts loudest! Creating a vision and strategy that is accepted and understood by everyone helps: so does a clear channel for decision-making.

In Top Priority, participants work in sub-teams to tackle a series of independent, parallel tasks. Each task is important, and each must be achieved by the deadline at the end of the exercise. Organisational success is achieved if all tasks are completed, to standard and within time.

We can provide extra support for this large business simulation exercise, please contact [email protected] for more information


Learning Objectives

  • • Prioritisation/Managing Multiple Tasks
  • • Supervisory Leadership
  • • Project & Resource Management
  • • Large, Remote, and Inter-team Working
  • • Simulating a matrix business structure
  • • Change management
  • • Effective delegation 
  • • Individual and organisational prioitisation
  • • Strategic thinking to achieve end goal

Activity Description

Activity Contents:

Extensive Facilitatior manual, Webmaster, Polydron, Workstations, Spot Check, Pantones, and Sequencer

Package Weight: 25kg

In order to be successful in Top Priority, everyone must:

  • • Identify the value of each task in relation to overall goals
  • • Identify specific constraints and demands of each individual task
  • • Create a strategy and implementation plan which recognises task demands
  • • Examine the contribution required by individuals and the whole group to ensure task success


Every individual involved in the activity must:

  • • Understand the ‘big picture’ and have a continual awareness of where their own contribution fits
  • • Work collaboratively; attending to organisational needs and priorities even if they are in conflict with personal priorities
  • • Operate flexibly and cooperatively as circumstances change
  • • Influence others to provide support, information or resources as required


Business Benefits

A highly practical experience with real pressure. The selected activities represent different types of work tasks e.g. compliance, administration, manufacturing, problem-solving and require different types of expertise. All participants must be engaged and involved. This demands real motivation and leadership and this potential can be assessed by observers of the exercise. It is therefore an excellent assessment tool.


Webmaster is a really versatile kit, great quality materials and supportReview by Nicky, Standard Life
Quality of Learning Design
Value for Money
I found Webmaster a really good quality tool. We adapted it and ran a 3 part exercise during a 3 day Graduate Welcome Conference. Great to get people up and active at the start of each day, introduced a small element of competition and a wealth of learning - communication, team work, planning, leadership etc. I can see this kit being used in a variety of ways for different sized groups - so a good investment. (Posted on 09/06/2016)
I can't endorse the training & resources enough! (Workstations activity)Review by Callum, Cineworld
Quality of Learning Design
Value for Money
I participated in a train the trainer course for Cineworld with Ann, and she used the workstations exercise, I was blown away with what I learnt from it. The whole training was incredible and it has had such a positive affect on my personal and professional life.

I have used the card [Workstations] 3 times now on the team I currently am part of, recreating the experience I had and trying to encourage the learning which we were exposed to. The team responded very well and even if an individual struggled, they saw the benefit and understood why I wanted them to take part! (Posted on 09/06/2016)
Webmaster - Great!Review by Pete
Quality of Learning Design
Value for Money
I found that you can use it for, as it says, multiple kinds of feedback on the process as such. It was also interesting to see the different "shades" of leadership that came through within the three groups we had working the tool.
A great experience. And as always to that: great support from Graham and Co at RSVP (Posted on 09/06/2016)

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Quality of Learning Design
Value for Money


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