The Learning Game

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A card game to help learning and development at any stage of your career. A personal development activity to make individuals aware of their learning preferences, motivation, and environments.

Intended to contribute to improving the opportunities and experiences associated with learning and development. These include formal study, courses or off-the-job training situations but also to on-the-job learning in the workplace and in everyday life.

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Key Features

    Learning Focus
  • Change Management
  • Coaching Skills
  • Feedback
  • Knowledge Management
  • Resilience
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Group Size
  • Ideal: 2 - 6
  • Possible: 1 - 8
  • Duration
  • 20-40 Minutes plus review

Activity Overview

The starting point in the game is the five factors that play a role in creating an optimal learning experience:

  1. Learning motivation (24 cards) : Why do I study? i.e. ‘to become (more) skilled in a certain area’.
  2. Approaches to learning (19 cards): How do I prefer to learn? i.e. ‘I learn by doing it myself’.
  3. Learning skills (51 cards): What skills do I need to be able to learn effectively? To what extent do I already possess these skills? i.e. ‘distinguish between the significant and the trivial’.
  4. Learning conditions (41 cards): What conditions and what support do I need to learn in as pleasant a way as possible? To what extent are these needs met? i.e. ‘structured and comprehensible educational material’.
  5. Learning obstacles (27 cards): Who or what is preventing me from learning? i.e. ´I feel insecure when faced with learning new things’.

Depending on the context, greater or lesser emphasis can be laid on one or more of these factors, on its own or in combination with others.

Possibilities for application:

  • • The Learning Game is a useful aid for anyone who wants to gain insight into how their own learning process works and who or what plays an important role in the process.
  • • It is also suitable for professionals working with, or responsible for, the learning process of others i.e. teachers, trainers, coaches, social workers and managers.

Learning Objectives

Learning and development plays an important role in our society as all sorts of changes take place rapidly and they often require us to develop new skills or change our behaviours.

People will need to develop themselves continually to keep up with these changes and lifelong learning is required and possible in all areas of society.

  • • Learning skills
  • • Learning motivation
  • • Conditions and environments for optimal learning
  • • Learning obstacles
  • • Personal development
  • • Coaching skills
  • • Insight into own learning process
  • • Who or what plays an important role in the learning process

Activity Description

The Learning Game can be applied for an individual participant, for coaching or for personal development

  • • Individual learning problems
  • • Personal coaching
  • • Work situations
  • • Choosing a context for learning


It can also be applied for group or team versions

  • • Start a conversion about the learning process 
  • • Assess a particular study, course or training session to find room for improvement  

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