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Team Balance

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Team Balance is an entertaining team building problem solving activity for setting and achieving goals.

All members of the team play a vital role in the completion of the ever changing task, each round trying to improve their performance by effectively delegating responsibility to team members. Also a great activity for supervisors or managers, and those who remotely manage their teams. Ideal for team competitions and for working with young employees to teach them how to contribute effectively.

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Key Features

    Learning Focus
  • Change Management
  • Goal-setting & Monitoring
  • Improving Performance
  • Instruction & Delegation
  • Problem Solving
  • Teambuilding
  • Group Size
  • Ideal: 8
  • Possible: 6 - 16
  • Duration
  • 20-40 Minutes plus review

Activity Overview

Team Balance is a lively, practical, task that may look familiar, but is a deceptively difficult team activity to master. This is a flexible activity that can be used to practice or attempt many managerial, leadership, change, or project management skills, and other team tasks. The development focus can include;

  • - task or project management and efficiency
  • - individual or personal impacts
  • - team development and operation


It is an ideal activity to be used in repeated, short durations throughout a ‘theory intensive’ programme. Participants become active, engaging with the Team Balance activity and changing environment as they leave their seats, gather round the board and grasp the strings.

It is an ideal activity to use in Assessment Centres, allowing observers to view a wide range of soft skills and behaviours, adding to evidence collected in other more formal situations.

Learning Objectives

  • • Integrate new team members
  • • Implement a process improvement system, based upon learning from experience
  • • Identify and rehearse appropriate types of supervision and leadership
  • • Explore a team’s ability to work together to solve complex problems, and increase task efficiency
  • • Practise developing and working towards achievement of performance standards
  • • Demonstrate principles of good project management
  • • Explore the effects of risk, competition, targets, and individual behaviour on team working
  • • Ability to manage change, and plan for an uncertain future

Activity Description

Activity Contents:

1x Wooden labyrinth  board (double-sided) with 16x operating spring attached, 8x Assorted balls & marbles, Facilitator manual

Package Weight: 5kg

The activity requires the manipulation of (a series of) balls through a labyrinth - the labyrinth board is held off the ground by strings, held by each player, and the ball is manipulated purely by the forces exerted through each string. The labyrinth has two sides - one more challenging than the other - with a series of start and end points, and optional target labels to build up a series of increasingly challenging tasks.

In order to maneuver the balls across the labyrinth board, team members must use effective communication and teamworking skills, and set goals and targets to improve their performance with each round. There is the option to use a participant as an observer, or supervisor, to lead the team to a successful completion, which simulates a leadership or managerial role in the workplace, and how they instruct and delegate responsibility to each team member according to individual ability.  


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