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Seeing the Point Experiential Learning Activity

Seeing The Point

Our popular creative thinking exercise to develop creativity and innovation to illustrate "thinking outside the box".

Ideally used as an introductory activity or paired with 'Challenging Assumptions' as a 'mental warm-up' for problem-solving and creative thinking, or to reinforce key learning points.

Created by US team building expert and author Dr. Jim Cain. It is an excellent 10 to 15-minute activity for use in team building, innovative thinking, or indeed in large group conference situations. It brings to life a common issue facing many teams: ‘I’m repeatedly being asked to do more with less, and it can’t be done!'


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Key Features

    Learning Focus
  • Change Management
  • Collaboration
  • Icebreaker
  • Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Resource Management
  • Group Size
  • Ideal: 2 - 6
  • Possible: 2 - 16
  • Duration
  • 10-20 Minutes plus review

Activity Overview

Seeing The Point is an excellent creative thinking activity and introduction to training in creative thinking, creative problem-solving and innovation skills and an interesting and engaging way of introducing the concept of ‘alignment’ and synergy', the solution to the puzzle is a visual representation of ‘doing more with less’ .

It is a challenging way of encouraging learners to look at things in a different way: seeing beyond the obvious problem and the solutions they expect to work. 

This is an ideal activity to ‘pair’ with the RSVP Design ‘Challenging Assumptions’ puzzle as a way of reinforcing learning or offering an alternative challenge to a group that achieve a solution quickly.

The activity can also be used to highlight the value of seeing things from new perspectives (to create a metaphor of the positive aspects of diversity - when all colours are mixed together they can create more than when the colours are separated!)

Learning Objectives

• Developing creativity and innovation skills

• To explore thinking skills that enable learners to break old patterns and establish new ones

• To experience the differences between incremental, sequential problem solving, and ‘breakthrough thinking’ approaches

• To explore the nature of ‘limiting beliefs’ and their potential to reduce the effectiveness of creative and innovative thinking processes

• A practical demonstration and explanation ‘synergy’ - doing more with less

•  Change management by thinking 'outside the box'

Activity Description

Activity Contents:

4 x 7-piece puzzles (1 x Red, 1 x Green, 1 x Blue, 1 x Black), Facilitator guidelines

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Seeing the Point is an activity created by US team building expert and author Dr. Jim Cain. It is an excellent 10 to 15 minute activity for use in team building, innovative thinking, or indeed in large group conference situations. It brings to life a common issue facing many teams: ‘I’m repeatedly being asked to do more with less, and it can’t be done!’.

In this puzzle each individual or small team has 7 pieces and is simply asked to create a number of shapes using the components supplied. Getting that last shape is where the real creative thought is required - getting resources aligned and making more of what is available than first appears!

As four sets of materials are supplied, the activity can progress from four groups working independently, to four groups working together. When done this way the single larger group working together achieves more than the four groups can do independently.


Love it!Review by DMM Consulting
Quality of Learning Design
Value for Money
I love it - I will be using it at a strategic day for a charity...great analogy and example for "doing more with less"
(Posted on 04/07/2016)
ExcellentReview by John Armstrong
Quality of Learning Design
Value for Money
Recently, I bought “Seeing the Point” and I have had an opportunity to use this resource with 4 teams participating in a Delivering Service Excellence programme. The resource and team challenge worked really well and as suggested I facilitated the activity in a series of phases. Within each team, I asked each mini team to find 4 arrowheads, then 5 and then challenged the full team to find a way of creating as many arrowheads as possible. Indeed, each of the 4 teams identified a way of creating 25 arrowheads with the available resources. The participants enjoyed the activity and the facilitated event emphasised the importance of seeing things differently; of sharing information; of adopting a collective and team approach; of building trusting relationships at work; and of challenging an internal competitive approach between departments. From a trainers perspective, the resource was easy to use and transport; quick to set up and facilitate; will no doubt have a variety of applications; was enjoyable to facilitate; and was very much “fit for purpose”. Excellent value for money!
(Posted on 20/01/2015)

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