Reach For A Star

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Reach For A Star is a large group activity for collaboration between teams using a mixture of artistic and construction skills! Typically used at conference style development events, allowing up to 180 participants to take part and create a unique piece of striking 'moveable art'!.

Each group creates a visual representation of an action plan, personal values or team review on one of the 60 x  triangular templates. Eventually these are used to create a complex sculpture which takes the form of a large, movable 3-dimensional 20-pointed star, displaying a a memorable and interactive visual representation of each individual’s values and visions. 

Existing customers of Reach for a Star can purchase replacement art panels HERE

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Key Features

    Learning Focus
  • Action Planning
  • Diversity/Cultural Awareness
  • Feedback
  • Goal-setting & Monitoring
  • Innovation
  • Teambuilding
  • Group Size
  • Ideal: 30 - 60
  • Possible: 30 - 180
  • Duration
  • 90 Minutes + plus review

Activity Overview

Reach For A Star is an excellent activity for bringing a large group together to contribute their individual perspective, values and effort to a shared task.

Teams of between 30 and 180 people work together to create a large ‘star sculpture’ which provides the framework for 60 individual pieces of artwork; either images or written statements or a combination of the two. For very large groups, multiple stars can be constructed, following the same process.

The versatile activity can be themed in many different ways, making it suitable for inclusion in team development programmes or topic-based conferences. It provides an ideal closing session, creating a bridge between teamwork processes and individual action planning.

Learning Objectives

  • • Visual representations of individual values, action plans, and perspectives
  • • Collaborate in the construction of a complex model, working to quality standards
  • • Time management
  • • Large group collaboration activity
  • • Inclusion between teams
  • • Bringing together a large group of individuals to raise energy and commitment to taking forward the good intentions created during the development event.

Activity Description

Activity Contents:

135x re-useable Tubes for construction, 150x (pre-cut, single use template) Sheets sized to attach to the pyramids (enough for 2 x full sessions), 300x Cable ties, 120x Coloured pens, and model materials to illustrate the construction process.  The sixty individual, triangular templates sheets provide the base for personalised illustrations.
Full facilitator guide with detailed instructions and activity suggestions.

Following a theme, individuals interpret their own response in images, colours or words. Each individual template provides one ‘face’ of a three-sided, three-dimensional pyramid. Twenty of these pyramids combine to form a 20-point star shaped sculpture, the same shape as the photograph above.

There are two distinct phases of the activity:

Phase 1: Artistic Creation

Design of the 60 x individual panels according to whatever criteria is set. These can include a range of artistic materials from simple pen drawings and words, to complex collages with images or other materials affixed to the panels.

Phase 2: Construction

Construction of the 20x individual pyramids, followed by construction of the final 20x pointed ‘star’.

The sculpture is constructed from lengths of plastic tube, connected by cable ties and covered with the artwork which has been prepared on pre-cut card templates. Each stage in the construction process is outlined in written notes that give a step-by-step construction guide. The construction phase of the exercise offers the opportunity to create specific co-ordination or supervisory roles to ensure that a high-quality product is designed and delivered. Existing customers of Reach for a Star can purchase replacement art panels HERE

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