Images Bundle

The Images Bundle provides a discounted price for buying all three of our bestselling visual metaphor card activities for personal development and coaching, and organisational development training programmes.

These popular images are highly versatile and can be used with individuals or teams to generate rich discussions.The cards can be used to generate discussions between teams or on a one-to-one basis or at the end of a training session to reinforce learning objectives.  

The Images Bundle includes:

Images of Resilience
Images of Organisations
Images of Customer Experience

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Key Features

    Learning Focus
  • Customer/Supplier Relations
  • Diversity/Cultural Awareness
  • Effective Communication
  • Feedback
  • Resilience
  • Working with Conflict
  • Group Size
  • Ideal: 6 - 16
  • Possible: 16 - 24
  • Duration
  • 20-40 Minutes plus review

Activity Overview

This bundled activity contains all three of our popular Image metaphor based activities. These can be used for personal coaching, small or large groups.

Images of Resilience

Developing resilience through effective stress management is fundamental to enhancing emotional intelligence, yet resilience can be context specific. Resilience underpins individual and team performance and is critical to all organisations irrespective of size and function. Images of Resilience card activity was developed in partnership with Ei4Change to help raise awareness of situations and issues that affect resilience for each individual.

Images of Customer Experience

This customer service training activity is designed to raise interest in, and discussion around, the feelings that we experience as customers when we receive service that is ’noticeable’, whether because it is particularly good or bad customer service. The images are deliberately designed so that participants have to think about them and what meaning might be associated with them - they are open to interpretation.

Images of Organisations

Images of Organisations activity represents a range of experiences and emotions, many of which will be familiar to anyone working in an organisation, sitting on a committee or attending regular meetings. This should be no surprise, as they are all based on descriptions that real people in real organisations have given to us over the years about what it felt like to be part of a team or an organisation at a particular point in time.

Learning Objectives

Images of Resilience

  • • Stimulate Discussion and Explore what Resilience Means
  • • Develop Resilience in Coached Pairs and Small Groups
  • • Team Roles, Values, and Culture
  • • Managing People and Relationships
  • • Visual and Metaphorical Skills
  • • Resilience coaching skills
  • • Mental toughness


Images of Customer Experience

  • • Introduction to customer service
  • • Understanding customer perceptions
  • • Experience of customer relationships
  • • Enhance the customer experience
  • • Improving customer service skills


Images of Organisations

  • • Management & workplace communications
  • • Team & organisational development
  • • Personal or team development planning
  • • Approaching otherwise difficult topics in a sensitive manner
  • • Giving and receiving feedback 
  • • Ice breaker activity, or closing exercise
  • • Working with conflict within a team

Activity Description

Activity Contents:

Over 200 cards including image cards, facilitator notes, and questions within this bundle.

Each activity contains 3x sets of 16x different images associated to their topic (Resilience, Customer Service, Organisations), Facilitator Notes, and questions.

Package Weight: 2.35kg

Images of Resilience

The cards are designed to be used to stimulate individual thought and group discussion and can be used in individual coaching or in team work, whenever the learning objectives relate to personal, team and leadership development, motivation, change management, stress management and an exploration of work-life balance.

Images of Customer Experience

Generate discussion around existing customer service processes and to generate new ideas or solutions to problems, engaging everyone in identifying and understanding a wide variety of positive and negative customer emotions.

Images of Organisations

Are different individuals experiencing very different things at the same time? Is one person’s exciting change another’s nightmarish upheaval? Two people can look at the same image yet feel/imagine very different possibilities.


Interesting perspectives Review by Julia Rowan, Consultant
Quality of Learning Design
Value for Money
I have had most use for the images of images of organisations cards and these have been useful. It’s interesting that even though (to me) the images point towards negative (runaway train) and positive (smiley circus performers all doing their own thing) participants put their own meaning on them (e.g. circus performers/juggling/busyness and train/powering ahead). I’ve used the customer service cards once (don’t have a huge call for those – but they filled a need) and I will use the resilience ones a lot (Posted on 04/05/2016)
Very effective imagesReview by Sandy Wilkie
Quality of Learning Design
Value for Money
When I saw Images of Organisations used at an RSVP Design event in May, I was impressed by its simplicity yet effectiveness for a potential range of team situations. We used the product as part of the warm-up to a review/strategic planning event for our Library management group. 'Images' proved to be a great way to open-up dialogue within the group about the legacy of previous structural re-organisations and the type of departmental/team culture that had prevailed over the last 2-3 years. It also enabled the managers to see clearly the need to move forward from the change and develop more positive cultures. Without a doubt, it set the 'moving forward' tone for the day and added value to the whole event
Sandy Wilkie
Staff Development Manager
University of St Andrews (Posted on 19/04/2016)
EffectiveReview by Images Customer
Quality of Learning Design
Value for Money
The images where used during an ice breaker session during a 2 day team development workshop. Although fun images they helped provoke and stimulate serious discussion on the challenges the team faced (Posted on 19/04/2016)

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