Dialoogle 2008 Magnum Edition

Another set of carefully created and selected set of abstract images, photos, and symbols to creatively kick-start, renew, diversify, and qualify group discussions and conversations to enable participants to ‘open up’ about their thoughts and ideas in a safe environment.

Images, photos, and symbols are open to interpretation, therefore, it is a great tool to use to understand individual perspectives and ideas.

Click here for our guide to selecting the right image based activity for you! 

We also stock Dialoogle 2011 Magnum which has different images, as well as the smaller version of each pack, Dialoogle Pocket 2008 & 2011 versions.

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Key Features

    Learning Focus
  • Action Planning
  • Change Management
  • Decision Making
  • Effective Communication
  • Goal-setting & Monitoring
  • Teambuilding
  • Group Size
  • Ideal: 6 - 16
  • Possible: 4 - 30
  • Duration
  • 10-20 Minutes plus review

Activity Overview

Dialoogle is a visual metaphor based product created in Denmark by Michael Koefoed & Jacob Lindeblad. It is an ideal addition to the RSVP Design range of visual metaphor based learning tools, and we are delighted to offer this product directly to our customers.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Dialoogle is a creative tool to kick-start, renew, diversify and qualify communication in dialogues and group conversations. Dialoogle makes use of a series of high quality abstract images, created to stimulate associations, inspire creativity, and facilitate versatile discussions of feelings, perceptions and ideas.

Apart from being great fun, Dialoogle makes conversations flow more freely, enhancing the value and outcome for all participants. Dialoogle is an ideal tool for teachers and psychologists, business leaders and coaches, HR and management consultants, trainers & facilitators – for anybody striving to improve the quality of a conversations in any context.

Learning Objectives

• Introduction or Review of a learning event
• Personal or Team Development Planning
• Creative Thinking
• Cultural awareness and Diversity
• Understanding individual perspectives
• Performance Reviews

Activity Description

Activity contents 

58x picture cards (19x19 cm) and a Facilitator guide

Package Weight: 0.8kg

The cards are robust, will resist moisture, and come packaged in a sleekly designed, high quality finished cardboard box with magnetic closure. A user's guide with 9 inspiring exercises is enclosed - although we are sure our clients can add more! A Magnum Set is ideal for use in one to one situations or with groups of up to 30 people.

Use Dialoogle for developing business strategies and visions, for performance reviews and conflict solving, for creative processes, teaching, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary projects. Only fantasy sets the limits for the use of Dialoogle as an effective communication tool.

 Click HERE  to see some ideas on how to use Dialoogle cards


Excellent way to open a Workshop!Review by Alison
Quality of Learning Design
Value for Money
I used the Dialoogle cards at the start of my Workshop and can’t tell you how amazing they were! Really well received and were hugely beneficial in terms of conveying where the participants were at with their business. I’m not sure that we could have achieved the same richness without them.

Plus they were used well as an external expression of what was going on in people’s heads - a good fit with Inside + Outside!
(Posted on 05/03/2015)
The Dialoogle cards are good because they contain a poetry and an openness to interpretation, and that is a value in itselfReview by Dialoogle Customer
Quality of Learning Design
Sille Lundquist makes use of the Dialoogle cards when she helps people finding their White Space.

”The Dialoogle cards are good because they contain a poetry and an openness to interpretation, and that is a value in itself. You have to get hold of yourself and find pictures that provoke the same physical feeling in your body as you obtain in your White Space. - One can feel the sensation in the picture of a clever snow owl´s stoic calm; others sense is emerging from the pictures of light summer clouds, the waves of the see or a cute baby.”

”In the process we work with a set of dogma rules saying that the road will appear while we are walking. That failures are something we learn from. That the senses and not the brain now talk. This way of working is very unfamiliar as we normally are being measured and weighed all the time.” (Posted on 07/01/2015)

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Quality of Learning Design
Value for Money


Product Downloads

Click Dialoogle Information  to see some ideas on how to use Dialoogle cards. Download our infographic on how to pick the ideal image card deck for facilitating, coaching, and personal development.


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