Our People

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and resellers who are dedicated to ensuring that global best practice in experiential learning can be
accessed and applied locally.
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We are a diverse, dynamic team of learning professionals, who are dedicated to building RSVP Design’s reputation as a leading global player in the field of experiential learning.


Our support comes from a network of fellow practitioners and academics who keep our work grounded and informed.

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Graham Cook

Managing Director

Based in our HQ in Scotland, Graham is one of the founders and owners of RSVP Design and leads our Learning Tools & Resources business along with the overall commercial aspects of RSVP Design. He also manages our reseller and distribution partnerships around the world. He is an experienced international business manager who has been involved in training and HR for more than 20 years, and as he is regularly demonstrating our products to customers around the world is grateful that he lives only 15 minutes from Glasgow Airport!

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Kathryn Ann Alder

Training Director

Ann specialises in trainer training (developing the training and facilitation skills of L&D professionals, teachers and operational managers) & is one of the founders and owners of RSVP Design. She has a wealth of experience in leadership, management and team development training, as well as executive coaching and group  facilitation. She enjoys working with multi-cultural groups, and her recent projects have involved extensive travel, much of it to work with our partners and build the skills of trainers. Ann is responsible for the content of our facilitation support materials and alongside Geoff, the creation of new experiential learning products and programmes.

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Dr. Geoff Cox

Design Director and Lead Consultant

Geoff has a lead role in RSVP’s Learning Design business & is one of the founders and owners of RSVP Design. After many years of using the outdoors as a learning environment, Geoff has progressively moved his professional focus towards the design of experiential educational content. Much of his time is spent working with major corporations and business schools around the world (Click Center for Creative Leadership to see an example).

Geoff is responsible for much of the functional design of our experiential learning tools and alongside Ann, the creation of new experiential learning products and programmes.

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Anne Cook


Anne manages our book-keeping functions and also lends her artistic talents to the layout of our our many facilitator guides for our products, and our marketing materials. Anne is one of the founders and owners of RSVP Design.

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Laura Kadakovska

Sales & Marketing

After graduating with a BA (Hon) International Business and Finance, Laura joined the RSVP Design team in October 2017 as an intern. Laura is originally from Latvia and we are pleased to welcome her to a new location and culture! Since then she’s been learning a lot about the world of learning & development, as well as the specific business of RSVP Design. Laura is happy to receive emails or calls from customers and try to answer their enquiries – if she can’t she will ensure that a colleague can provide the information! Laura also contacts our customers directly in order to get feedback from them on how they have used our tools.

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Graeme Boyd

Product Assembly & Shipping

Based in our HQ in Scotland, Graeme has been working with RSVP Design since 2016 and manages our product assembly and distribution section. He tries to ensure that both our International Distributors and our HQ always have an appropriate level of stock on hand to fulfil rush orders! Graeme also completes, and ships orders received from our online shop, managing a variety of couriers and shipping options to ensure that customer orders arrive in good time - overseas Customs permitting ;)

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Michael Boyle

Product Assembly & Shipping

Based in our HQ in Scotland, Michael joined RSVP Design in 2017 & now manages our product distribution function. He makes sure that the correct products get sent to our customers as efficiently as possible and receives orders both from our online shop and by telephone and email. Michael is likely to be the first point of contact for customers and is quickly developing more knowledge of our many products – and if he can’t answer your question he can find someone who can!

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