Personal Development

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Every organisation is different. Every employee is different.

However, there are some fundamentally important individual skills and behaviours that help people and organisations to achieve success. It is also true that many organisational problems stem from the failure of individuals, at every level of seniority, to apply and demonstrate these vital skills.

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Raising Self Awareness

Our experiential learning activities help individuals build confidence, improve performance, and increase personal effectiveness. The activities focus on raising awareness of existing patterns of thought and behaviour, exploring the impact and effectiveness of these, considering potentially beneficial changes and offering a safe rehearsal ground to try out new approaches, attitudes and skills.

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Applying New Skills

Our resources are perfect for trainers, coaches, facilitators and educators. They are ideal in individual coaching, in small group work and for independent work pre- or post-personal development planning and training. However, they are also suitable for line managers to work directly with their teams. Skills developed and rehearsed during the activities can be transferred to the work place and refined through extended practice and the on-going support of managers and  mentors.

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"RSVP Design's resources are always of the highest quality and I have been hugely impressed by the friendly, efficient and professional service I have always received. The training equipment is used very regularly at Brathay and I receive excellent feedback from my clients as to the effectiveness of the products."

Paul Bate
Learning and Development Consultant
Brathay Hall Trust, UK