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Experiential learning activities are extremely valuable in enabling prospective or practising managers to focus on key skills that will improve their ability to manage both tasks and people effectively.

The prime responsibility of managers is to operate in the present, controlling processes and managing time and resources in order to ensure that targets are met and tasks are delivered. Our activities allow managers to refine their abilities to plan and implement projects and get results through the effective motivation and management of their people.
We also recognize the role that operational managers play in the development of people, so many of the activities we offer for managers include elements of performance management, feedback, coaching and development planning.

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  • We ensure that activities vary in scale and complexity and are challenging enough to require management decision-making, delegation, motivation, performance monitoring and process improvement. The tasks demand confident target-setting, high quality communication, careful prioritisation, creative problem-solving and a willingness to respond to change if required.


  • We simulate realistic management challenges. Within our activities we aim to create parallels with the type of management issues faced by managers in their daily lives. Many of the activities have multiple possible solutions – we encourage managers to explore different options and make their own, informed decisions about how to proceed.


  • We encourage managers to be observant and to become more aware of their own behaviours and personal preferences. The review processes we suggest encourage personal reflection and we aim to make it easy for managers to transfer learning from the activity back into their professional roles
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  • We include in the product range specific aspects of management that apply to some specialisms more than others – these include:

1. Managing customer supplier relationships

2. Managing remote and cross-cultural teams

3. Coaching, managing and appraising performance

4. Breakthrough Thinking – creativity and innovation

5. Managing Change


  • RSVP Design activities have been successfully used in Management Development centres for many years, linked to competence frameworks and job specifications. They have been used within Talent Management programmes and in creating a leadership pipeline. They are perfect elements within Assessment Centres, where they should always be used alongside other assessment tools to provide practical, observable evidence of inter-personal skills and people management skills in action
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