Learning Design

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RSVP Design’s facilitation & learning design experts have each worked in the field of learning and development for over 30 years.

 Under the specialist guidance of Dr. Geoff Cox, one of the world's foremost experts in learning design, we use behavioural simulations, high quality design, facilitation and coaching skills to address a broad range of client needs.

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Our learning design work is applied to business objectives that contribute to:

  • Strategy Development.
  • Leadership and Management Development.
  • Organisational change.
  • Team Development: intact, cross functional and remote team working.
  • Talent Management.
  • Project Management and Process Improvement.
  • Executive Education.

Our learning design service offers you three different approaches:

1. We design a single specific activity for you, to use to achieve an identified training need.

2. We work in partnership with you to co-create an extended training intervention for use within an existing development or educational programme.

3. We work in partnership with you to co-create a learning strategy and plan to support the achievement of organisational change or a specific business goal.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Our expertise is regularly used in the context of:

  • Extended internal development programmes (e.g. multi-tier leadership development).
  • Application and rehearsal of theoretical learning (e.g. practical behavioural simulations within executive education programmes).
  • Specific aspects of change and re-organisation (e.g. merging teams or functions,
    developing strategic partnerships).
  • Tackling specific business problems or goals (e.g. improving performance).
  • Communicating and reinforcing key corporate messages (e.g. in the design of conferences or stakeholder meetings).

Click below to download our design guide to creating Rich Environments for Active Learning:
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Request a Free Bespoke Learning Design Consultation

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"What's terrific about working with people at RSVP Design is their willingness to problem- solve with you. They go the extra mile to help you find, or refine, existing products that will help you design Wow! into your educational experiences. So helpful and easy to work with."

David Magellan Horth
Senior Fellow and Senior Designer
Center for Creative Leadership, USA

Click Center for Creative Leadership for an example of a program supported by Dr. Geoff Cox