#1 Be flexible on group numbers


Client Enquiry:

Can I use Webmaster for 24 people in four groups of 6, in order to keep them in intact teams? These are managers from the oil industry attending an Effective Teamworking Programme.


RSVP Design Response

Yes, as Webmaster has a removable centre section, then you could build the left and right sections with two groups of 6, and repeat this with a second Webmaster activity running simultaneously.



Tip #1

  • Be flexible on what you want to achieve with group sizes in activities.
  • Is keeping people purely in intact teams going to lessen their opportunities to learn to work with new people, or explore, collaborate and partner more easily with others?
  • Does your activity offer opportunity for intact teams to work together (intact teams seldom exist without an interaction with customers, suppliers, or other work teams).
  • If the activity is correct in terms of learning objectives, but the group numbers don't fit, consider taking some people out to act as observers, AND get them to lead or at least contribute to the debrief.
  • Alternatively have two parallel groups and decide if a 'compare and contrast' approach works well, or use learning from one group to inform the other by having 'coaches' swap groups.
  • If leadership is important consider whether to let it emerge, or have someone allocated the responsibility to do it - give the activity brief only to the leader.
  • Consider whether remote leadership is required (have one or more participants lead the activity without accessing the materials or possibly even the activity brief)


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